Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow, Fail!

Today I recieved a rejection on my full of Spirit World. Not horrific in itself because the agent offered some very nice compliments as well as some helpful feedback. However, I composed a thank you letter and hit send before I realized I had actually used a homophone for a word I had intended. Not cool for someone striving to be a writer.

FWIW, everyone seems to adore my depiction of the stepfather. At least that's a win.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazy Blogger, Random stuff

Eep! I am quite the lazy blogger lately. But I have an excuse. Really I do. I was trying to get Princess ready for critique. Was I successful? Not entirely. You see, I wrote a zero draft, then majorly rewrote it, leaving me no time to actually read it through before handing it over. Can we say inconsistancies? Oh well. I needed someone else to look at it anyway. Having been staring at that book since May, nothing in it made sense to me anymore.


I won a blog award from Tessa Quin over at The Quest for a Literary Agent. Check out her blog.

My short story Innocent Blood will be released in an anthology later this month.

I got a form rejection for Spirit World this morning. However, it was quickly followed by "in my haste to request your manuscript, I accidentally rejected it instead!" It was a request for a partial. Yay.

How are you all doing out there?