Monday, November 22, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Despite being a dancer, I've never been particularly graceful. This became proven fact on Saturday while I was attempting to retrieve a stack of books from behind the Christmas tree. I thought, Surely, I can fit between the tree and the book shelf.

Um, no. I could not.

As I wedged myself into the tiny space, the tree tilted. My arms flailed. I grasped at needles, and then at nothing as the fully decorated tree crashed onto the chair. Witness the photographic evidence.

I tried to pick it up, but stopped when I heard the pops and cracks of the tree stand breaking into little pieces. This was when my fail face appeared and did not go away until hubby managed to purchase a new stand at Target. We righted the tree and, and since we tie the ornaments on due to the small things that run around our house, discovered only one ornament casualty. Yes, we have a cat, a dog, and a 19 month old, and I'm the one to knock over the tree. Awesome.

At least it had a happy ending, and I've got a funny story. =)


Danielle La Paglia said...

And the holidays have officially begun!

We had a live tree a few years ago and it was a little crooked and I thought "well of course I can fix it myself" NOT I was playing the the screws that hold the trunk steady - very bad idea. I had to scream at the (then) 7-year old to go wake up the (then) 16-year old step-daughter to come help. We barely got it stable and poor Carlos had to fix it when he got home. We were just talking about that last night. LOL

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Sounds like something I could have done! I love that you were the one that knocked it over!

Pat Hollett said...

Well Krystey, I find the funny part is that you took a picture of the fiasco! LOL We all get a bit clutzy at times. Still, it was better you did it than the dog or small child. :)
YAY for the Christmas Holidays & all that goes with it. I'm putting my tree up this week! :)

Kelly said...

Oh, man! I thought that only happened in the movies! :)
Last year I told my kids not to bump the tree because they could break an ornament. Guess who ended up breaking an ornament!?

Anonymous said...

That happened to my cat Edgar! He was (RIP, beloved friend) a white persian with 9 inch-long hair... imagine the mess it was to get him out of there!
You should consider those old wrought iron, super heavy tree stands - that's what I have and my two Maine Coons (they are a handful, believe me) have NOT put the tree down... yet. Then again, maybe it'll happen this year;)
Happy decorating, everyone!!

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