Friday, September 21, 2012

5 K in 5 Days -- Update

I had this grand idea to jump start my WIP by getting some words down, even if they're tripe. Because I can't edit a blank page, but I can always edit tripe. So here's the update.

Mon - Wed -- I did just over 3,000 words. Yay! And I discovered something that will be very useful in my revisions. See what good comes from tripe?

Thu -- I got bitten by a were cat and spent the morning in the emergency room.  I got a tetanus shot, antibiotics, three swollen fingers, and a virtually useless right hand. Still, I was going to persevere. I can type with one hand. But then, the antibiotics made me sick and I went straight to bed after I got the kiddo in bed.

Fri -- I'm taking a day to whine, and to get work done for my day job since I leave tomorrow for California. And oh, there will be pictures.

Whine #11 -- I'm going to California while on antibiotics that say "Stay out of the sun or you will be incinerated!" Wish me luck.


mshatch said...

luck. and where did you run into a were cat?!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I think you deserve to whine over that bit of perverse fate. Don't worry. Maybe, when you go to CA, you will get the same weather we got when we went: Completely anachronistic cloudy weather. Then you won't have to worry about being incinerated, and you can still have fun!

Amy Parker said...

Hope the trip's going well! The were cat sounds viscious! Glad you're medicated...but beware the full moon now, right?!

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