Friday, November 23, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

I was digging through my grandmother's old cedar chest and found a letter I wrote to Santa in either kindergarten or first grade. (This is based on the fact that my name is listed as Krystalyn Thompson on the envelope. My last name was changed when I was six.)

Dear Santa claws claws How do you spell your name x______________

1. I want a Alarm clolck 2. and from Animal barn I want tweety bird and a kangeroo and elephant 3. I want a plush toy dog 4. all the sweet treets collection one cookie purse one Ice cream sunday and one spoon full and some furniture to go with the Ice cream sunday 5. dolly pops 6. Kelly and Elly

sign Krystalyn

whew I'm finhesh at last

contund on the other side (I guess I wasn't quite finished.)

write Yes for yes write n for no
Y. N. (Clearly I expected him to write back.)

Kissy Kissy
Santa Claws! (Yes, I adored Santa. And check out my mad art skills.)

Most of the toys I discovered from TV commercials, but Kelly and Elly, I found in the Sears catalog. I remember pulling that thing out many, many times so I could stare longingly at Kelly and her little stuffed elephant.

And what did I find under my tree Christmas morning? (Click on picture for more detail.)

Yes, the only item on my list that Santa brought me was Kelly and Elly.

So, did Santa make the right decision all those years ago? I can tell you this: I had to Google most of the items on my list, and have no clue what I meant by Animal barn, but I knew exactly where to find Kelly and Elly.

I'm pretty sure I still have her pajamas too.


Marisa Hopkins said...

Awww, so cute!! Love that you still have your doll and Elly. Also, your little guy looks SO much like you!

I found a Santa letter from when I was about 5 or so - SO FUNNY to read now :)

Kelly Moore said...

Oh my!
I had one of these. I really wish I knew what happened to her!
My grandmother got me one for Christmas as well.
I never asked for one but being that my name is Kelly and my nickname as a child was Kelly-elly, it was fitting!
My Grandma has passed and I wished I still had this doll. Anyway, thought Id share!

Krystalyn Drown said...

Kelly, thanks so much for sharing. I really did love that doll, and it's great to find someone else who remembers her.

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