Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's a new year and time to reflect on what happened in the past year and to plan for the new year.

2012 started off as very disappointing. I couldn't get into the writing groove and abandoned manuscript after manuscript, some with as much as 15k words, some with as little as 1k. I began to think this publishing thing was never going to happen for me and turned into an oozing ball of Howl slime. The Merry Sisters of Fate summed this feeling up here.

To help me get of of my funk, some writing friends gave me a picture prompt and asked me to come up with a short story. The resulting story was A Stitch of Blood and, two months later, I sold it to a speculative fiction magazine! It appeared my luck was beiginning to turn.

Then, in April, my critique partner, Amy Christine Parker, asked me to join her in writing a short story blog. I was overjoyed to be a part of that. Even if I wasn't completing my novels, I was completing something.

Along the way, I decided I had these two completed manuscripts, and if I wasn't going to see them traditionally published, I at least was going to create covers for them and print them out. This turned out to be my good luck charm, because during the summer I received offers for both books!

In the late summer, I began a new middle grade project, which was something entirely new for me. I have 22k completed on it and am still plugging along. I'm enjoying writing it and have hopes that this year will see something good come of it.

Now, I'm sitting at the top of 2013, looking forward to not one, but two book releases this year, 10 new short stories for our blog, and the completion of my middle grade novel. It's an exciting year coming up with hopefully a little less slime. =)

What are you looking forward to this year?


Melinda Dozier said...

I'd say your year turned out fabulous and 2013 looks even brighter! Congrats!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

It did turn out to be a wonderful year for you! You know that's how things go -- disappointments and doors slammed in your face, followed by the opening of doors you weren't expecting and couldn't have anticipated. 2012 was like that for me, too!

Looking forward to more wonderful stuff in 2013!

sarah lee said...

I wish 2013 brings a new morning and expectation for you.You should remember that "If winter come can summer be far behind".
Five star alarm

mshatch said...

I'm looking for a job (2012 ended rather badly for moi) and an early spring because it is FREEZING here. Can't wait to see your books in print :)

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