Friday, June 7, 2013

Tracy Tam: Santa Command

Well, I had planned a blog about my writing process and how it's changed over the years as my family has changed and grown, but then something cool happened. Here is how Publisher's Marketplace put it:

Krystalyn Drown's TRACY TAM: SANTA COMMAND, about a young girl who doesn't believe in Santa, yet must rely on the magic of the season and the miracle of science in order to get out of a jam in time for Christmas, to Georgia McBride at Month9Books, with Ashlynn Yuhas editing, for publication in Fall 2014 (World).

Tracy Tam is my first middle grade, and I'm super excited to see it find a home. I'll be sharing more details as I go.


mshatch said...

woohoo! Way to go Krystalyn :)

Amy Parker said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS:-D Congrats, Krystalyn!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Hurray! I want to brag about you and Marcy both on my blog -- two sales for two amazing CPs. But first I have to finish the school.

One more day.

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