Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I went back and read my New Year's resolutions from last year to see if I came close to completing any of them. And then I laughed. So, instead of rehashing the resolutions I failed to accomplish because they were ridiculous to begin with, let's look at what I did accomplish.

1. I finished a pretty good draft of Spirit World, and I entered it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition. I made it into the top 50 out of 5,000. Top 1%. I even got a pretty good review from someone from Publisher's Weekly via the contest. Not bad at all. Afterwards I did a few tweaks and submitted it to agents. I got 10 requests for either full or partials. And 6 nicely worded rejections. I assume the other 4 are rejections as well since I never heard from them. What did I learn? Spirit World was not ready to query. But I got some positive feedback as well as things to work on if I decide to revise and query again. I haven't made that decision yet because I'm busy at work on...

2. I started work in May on a new novel I tentatively titled Princess. I know that will not be it's final title, but it's what I call it for ease and consistancy. I'm currently on revision 4, and hopefully the last major one before I query. We'll see what my readers have to say about it after I finish revising.

3. I wrote quite a few short stories, trying to improve my writing. I think I succeeded at least a little bit in that capacity. I had a story published last year. Oddly enough, a vampire one. I try to stay away from them as rule because of the oversaturation in the market.

4. I won a contest for a 20 page critique from the amazing Tessa Gratton. (Who else can't wait to read Blood Magic?) I sent her the first 20 pages of Princess. She had some wonderful things to say about it, as well as some very constructive things which I am trying to apply to my entire work, writing and critiquing. I can't tell you how valuable her words were. Especially since her critique appeared in my email box the same day as Treetastophy 2010.

Also that same week, I met one of her critique partners, Maggie Stiefvater. She was doing a stock signing at a bookstore about an hour away and I made the trek out there. That meant the world to me, to be able to talk writing and books with Maggie freaking Stiefvater. OMG!

So, 2010 didn't turn out quite the way I had planned, but it was still good. Instead of making specific resolutions this year, I'm going to vague them up a little. I simply want to try to be the best writer I can be, and hopefully snag an agent along the way. If it's not with Princess or Spirit World, then maybe the next one. Or the next. Regardless, I plan to keep writing.


Akoss said...

I can't wait to get my hands on Blood Magic.
Congrats on your accomplishments!

Falcata Times said...

Well done on your achievement. Hope this year goes even better for you.

Pat Hollett said...

It sounds to me like you've accomplished quite a lot this year Krystey. Good for you! Hard work is paying off for you. Every year gets better I'm sure. Trust in'll achieve your goals. You're a determined person. Great blog this week. :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Hi, Krystey! Nice to see what you've accomplished this year!

I missed chatting with you in TPR these past 2 weeks, but I plan on being back this Thursday.

Good luck with all your projects, and let me know when/if you need a beta reader!

Danielle La Paglia said...

Agent or not, you had a pretty great year, better than most writers out there. Congrats on your successes in 2010 and good luck in 2011!

Angela Addams said...

Sounds like a great year and really - 10 requests from agents is huge - very successful for your first time out - tweak the ms and get it out there again - that's too good for you to leave it alone.

Jax said...

It sounds like you got a lot accomplished this year! Good for you, and good luck in 2011!

Seleste said...

Sounds like a solid year to me :) Ten requests is a good number...unless you sent to a thousand agents or something (then I'd question your sanity as much if not more than the numbers).

Good luck with your writing in 2011!

Julie said...

That's the way to do it, just keep writing. Great job!


Tina Laurel Lee said...

I like the idea of vague-ing them up!

Jessica Peter said...

That sounds like a pretty great 2010, really! . . . although I have to admit I'm curious as to what the laughable goals of last year were ;)

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