Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ascendio 2012

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Ascendio convention. Now, this is a convention for Harry Potter fans (which I am, and forever will be) but what actually drew me there was the "Quill Track," a schedule filled with author/agent panels, author readings/signings, and agent pitch sessions. It was truly an amazing experience.

 I attended with one of my critique partners, Amy Christine Parker. Er, Voldermort was there as well.

 This was one of the author panels I attended.
(l-r, Mark Oshiro, Carlie Webber, Lindsay Ribar, Libba Bray, Joanna Volpe)

I went to Libba Bray's reading where she read the beginning of The Diviners. Can. Not. Wait.

Then, she turned into a zombie.

Oh noes!

I also met Beth Revis, who was awesome and funny and really nice.

Of course, there was all sorts of fun merchandise. These were my favorites. They had Harry Potter too, but I'm posting the Doctor Who ponies because the middle one is just scary.

Don't blink.

And then there was karaoke.

And dancing.

Yep, that's Quirrell and Tonks swing dancing to Johnny B. Goode. Sadly, I did not get a picture of Snape and James polka dancing.

I did however get this picture.

And this one.

The later it got, the sillier everyone got, which was a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unfortunately, my phone died, along with my ability to take pictures, so you'll just have to trust me on that one.


Amy Parker said...

Lol, loved seeing the pics and miss being there. That was the MOST fun I've ever had at a writing convention!

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