Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Create a Book Cover

Next week I will return to my regularly scheduled program of talking about reading and writing. Topics for next week include Techniques on Beginning a Novel, and a vampire short story by yours truly.

But as for this week, I present the most entertaining

Spring Break Reading Challenge
yet...Creating a book cover.

Here are the rules:

1 – Go to “Fake Name Generator” or click
The name that appears is your author name.
2 – Go to “Random Word Generator” or click
The word listed under “Random Verb” is your title.
3 – Go to “FlickrCC” or click
Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.
4 – Use Picnik, or something similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in.
5 - Write a short synopsis of the book.

So without further ado, here is my creation.

Locked deep within Asha's mind are memories of the past. Not just her past, but those of every female in the Hoffman family for the past seven generations. When her family moves into Great Gramma's old mansion, she learns of her gift when she meets the ghost of a distant ancestor. With the help of the ghost, Asha must find a way to access those hidden memories in order to solve her ancestor's murder from over a century ago, and finally put her to rest.

Wow. This exercise sent my creative wheels spinning. If you try this yourself, please leave the link in the comments. I would love to read it.


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Nice! Thanks so much.

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