Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Does anyone remember that game show, Distraction, where you had to answer trivia questions while pinning clothes pins to your face? Yeah, it's kindof like that.

The topic for today's
Spring Break Reading Challenge
is what keeps you from meeting your goals? Specifically, mine are reading the library books I have checked out and writing.

Distraction #1 -- Small Child. He climbs everything he can get his little leg up on. He eats everything he can get his little mouth around. And he falls. A lot. So, in order to still get my "me" time in while watching him, I have learned to read while rocking him to sleep, and write while he actually sleeps. I try to get 500 words in during naptime, and another 500 after he goes to bed. It usually works pretty well, as long as I can keep myself off the Internet. Which brings me to

Distraction #2 -- The Interwebs. I try to limit myself. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes I win cool stuff. So sometimes it's worth it.


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