Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge

Today's topic for the
Spring Break Reading Challenge
is "What would you like to do with your blog?"

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I have a generic Blogger background. What I'd like to do if I were handy with a crayon and paper, is to create one of those fun cartoony title graphics as well as a background for my blog. In my dream world, it would be a wondrous drawing of the moon from my current WIP, since the title from my blog is derived from the first line of said novel. Now, I could create something in Photoshop using photographs and what not, and probably will at a later date once I get a handle on my current MS and have more time. But it's just not the same.

I'd also like to create a side bar with my favorite links. I do know how to do that, but once again, taking the time while my 1yo chews up a chair just isn't viable.

Until tomorrow,
cheers and ice cream


Anonymous said...

Hey hun ... I don't know comfortable you'd feel w/ it since it's still in beta mode ... Blogger does have a new Template Designer, and I have some cool backgrounds that are similar to what you describe ... When you have a chance to read up on it, go here

Oh, and it doesn't take too long if you're not severely OCD like I am! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ps. I used the it to redesign my personal blog last night. I plan on digging in to redesigning my book review blog w/ it sometime soon as well.

KarinLibrarian said...

Thanks for posting. Jennifer - way to go in recommending Draft Blogger.
I used it the other day to work on a blog unrelated to reading.

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