Thursday, March 11, 2010

Writing Links

I thought I'd share a few pages on writing that I like to frequent. They often help give me a jump start if the story isn't coming, or if the outline fails, or just for general tips and guidelines.

Ten Rules for Query Letters by Maggie Stievater hosted a Novel Beginnings contest and critiques what works and doesn't work in the opening pages of a novel.
Grand Prize
Check out the rest of the blog for the other critiques as well as agent advice at
Confessions of a Contest Judge - General writing advice
Part 1
Part 2 - Point of View
Part 3 - Thinking Like a Point of View Character
Part 4 - The Dreaded Head Hop
Part 5 - Walk Like John Wayne
Part 6 - And How Does that Make You Feel?
Part 7 - (Don't) Name that Emotion!



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Excellent and useful post. Thank you. xx

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